Jail, not to be confused with Federal Jail. This is where you go when you fail at a crime. Your sentence will vary depending on the size of the crime you committed. Do not fear, being in jail is just another part of the game, and friends or other players can bust or bail you out.

How to get out of jailEdit


To bust someone out of jail simply use the JAIL link on your Home Page. Look down the list of inmates until you find the required player, click BUST at the side of their name to attempt to break them out.

1. Busting someone with a lower level than yourself is easier than busting someone with a higher level than yourself.

2. The higher your current will is (not max will), the easier it is to bust. Doesn't matter what house you have as its based on a percentage of your will to maxwill ratio.

3. There is now another hidden exp that is used just for the busting feature. Successful bust will give you a small addition to your total busting exp.

4. There is a minimum and maximum chance figured in also so that the system doesn't error. Minimum is 10%, Maximum is 95%

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To bail someone out of jail just click the "BAIL" link after their name. The cost of BAIL varies from player to player. If you have enough money in your account you will automatically bail them out.