There has been some confusion about the energy bar upon donating. This is not an item that you get! At the top left of your page you will see you name, money, etc. Here you also have an energy bar. The normal energy within CW is 100, however upon signing up for the game you are given 5 donor days to try out the game with, which gives you 200 energy. After 5 days your account goes back to a normal non-donor state of 100 energy. After donating and using the donor pack you gain back the extra 100 energy, resulting in a total of 200. If you are confused about this please ask a member of staff to explain it before you make a donation.


All donations are NON-REFUNDABLE! As a donor you are still subject to all game rules and punishments. Donator status is temporary. eCheques are not accepted. PayPal disputes will result in account suspension. Donations are USD currency Why Donate? Helps pay server cost. Pays for advertising. Gives you a small advantage. Donor Days All packs include donor days of some amount. The donator days will give you the following. Colored Name 200 Energy Bar +10 Energy Every 5 Minutes Friends List Enemies List Hack PC Feature


Chaotic Worlds DonationEdit

Full Pack - $5.00 30 Donor Days 50 Crystals

Energy Drink 6 Pack - $5.00 15 Donor Days 6 Energy Drinks

Power Shot 6 Pack - $5.00 15 Donor Days 6 Power Shots

Liquid Cocaine 6 Pack - $5.00 15 Donor Days 6 Liquid Cocaines

Crystal Sampler - $5.00 15 Donor Days 250 Crystals

Crystal Pack - $10.00 15 Donor Days 500 Crystals

Mega Sampler - $20.00 30 Donor Days 750 Crystals 5 Energy Drinks 5 Power Shots 5 Liquid Cocaines 5 Jail Keys


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