You can see any credits you earn up at the top left hand side of your page, where your crystals are.

Credits are simply rewards given out for completing varies tasks. The more active you are the more credits you will earn

A few examples of how to earn credits:

~100 Log ins ~100 crimes ~100 attacks

There are a total of 140 credits in the game. As credit values are based on your level (eg. guard x your level) it is sometimes better to let them accumulate.

Credits can also buy you weapons and armour.

Chaotic Worlds Credit ExchangeEdit

At the credit exchange you can trade your credits in for other things that will increase you game play.

You have 1 credit(s)

Account Boosters

Trade ForCost

+5 Max Brave1 CreditTrade

Health +50 x level1 CreditTrade

Strength +5 x level1 CreditTrade

Agility +5 x level1 CreditTrade

Guard +5 x level1 CreditTrade


Trade ForCost

3 Energy Drinks2 CreditsTrade

3 Power Shots2 CreditsTrade

Banana Blaster (weapon)3 CreditsTrade

Stealth Shield (armour)3 CreditsTrade

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